Don Amado Mezcal Anejo


Don Amado Mezcal Anejo starts at 26┬░ brix sugars from Angustifolia Haw “Espadin” agave, though they work with other varietals. Agaves are halved and quartered (with collego removed), and then earthen-roasted for four days using a mix of mesquite and cypress wood. The cooked agaves are processed in a proprietary blade-spindle shredder, then fermented together with the bagazo in twenty 1400 liter pinewood vats using ambient yeast strains. They are first distilled in eight 60 liter burner heated ceramic pot stills and then distilled again in three 60 liter wood heated ceramic pot stills to about 53% alc/vol. Don Amado Mezcal Anejo is then aged for 18 months and bottled at 43.5% alc/vol.